XXVIII Biennial Meeting of Indian Society for Chronobiology

The Department of Zoology, University of Delhi is organizing an International colloquium on “Regulatory Mechanisms underlying Behavior, Physiology and Development” under the joint umbrella of Indian Society of Chronobiology and Indian Society of Comparative Endocrinology.

We warmly extend you an invitation to participate and make this colloquium successful and academically fruitful. The theme of the colloquium is inter-disciplinary in nature to provide platform to budding scientists of various disciplines of biology for interaction with leading scientists and academicians of this country and abroad. The colloquium also includes ‘Professor M L Bhatia Memorial Lecture’ and ‘Professor C P Alexander Memorial Lecture’.

The XXVIII Biennial Meeting of Indian Society for Chronobiology will be held 24-26 March 2021 at the Department of Zoology, University of Delhi.

More Information: https://chronobiologyindia.org/announcements