World Congress on Sleep Disorders and Therapeutics, Prague, Czech Republic

World Congress on Sleep Disorders and Therapeutics

Sleep Disorders 2020 encompasses the popularly known causes and types of sleep disorders and also reveals the underlying psychological disorders and other unknown causes for disrupted sleep patterns.

Sleep Disorders and Sleep Therapy is a cross-disciplinary area concerned with the psychological and physical health conditions related to sleep disorders and conventional and advanced sleep therapies. The main goal of Sleep Disorder 2020 is to illuminate the gravity of the topic, how it affects our day to day lives, prevention and stairway to a healthier tomorrow.

Sleep Disorder 2020 scientific sessions focus on understanding sleep disorders and sleeping problems, medical conditions associated with sleep disorders, the effect of sleep disorders on the human body, conventional sleep medicine and sleep therapy and exciting innovations in every area of Sleep Disorders and Advanced Sleep Therapies.

The World Congress on Sleep Disorders and Therapeutics, popularly known as Sleep Disorder 2020, will be held October 14-15, 2020 through a Virtual Congress.

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