ACS 17th Annual Scientific Meeting

ACS 17th Annual Scientific Meeting

The ACS aims to generate and discuss research in all areas of Chronobiology, including both animal and human work to examine specific areas such as sleep and circadian biology in Australia and New Zealand.

The annual scientific meeting brings together Australian and international researchers interested in the influence of circadian rhythms on behaviour, cognition, sleep and health.

Our 17th Annual Scientific Meeting will be online. We will try to fit all talks into a single session on November 3rd from ~3pm. We are currently putting together our program, but you can register and/or renew your membership here.

Professor Anna Wirz-Justice will be delivering our keynote address this year. Professor Wirz-Justice has been a pioneer in the field of chronotherapy and light therapy for mood and sleep disorders. She is a former president of the Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms, a winner of the Anna Monika Prize for Depression Research and the Scholar’s Prize of the City of Basel, awarded for outstanding achievement. We are delighted to have her joining us, for her talk entitled:
“All you want to know about chronotherapy for affective and sleep disorders”

The ACS 17th Annual Scientific Meeting will be held November 3, 2020 through a Virtual Meeting.

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