12th Annual CCB Symposium

12th Annual CCB Symposium

UC San Diego’s Center for Circadian Biology (CCB) will host its 12th Annual Circadian Biology Symposium. We have invited a select, stellar group of chronobiologists from around the country and beyond, and a few local colleagues, to speak at this symposium. Each year, the symposium attracts leaders in the field, with active participation from our 56 PIs within the CCB. We welcome and encourage registrants from your research personnel, other institutions, and industry.

The aims of the conference are to:

  1. Provide participants with a comprehensive view of modern circadian biology.
  2. Exchange a broad spectrum of ideas and techniques in circadian biology.
  3. Promote interactions among the faculty and lab personnel of UC San Diego, Circadian Biology Center, the invited speakers, and other participants.
  4. Further acquaint the speakers, their groups, and other registrants with the depth and breadth of circadian biology research conducted at UC San Diego.

The 12th Annual CCB Symposium will be held February  7-9, 2022 at Scripps Seaside Forum in La Jolla, California, USA.

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More Information:  https://ccb.ucsd.edu/activities-and-events/ccb-symposium.html