23rd Congress of the European Sleep Research Society

25th Congress of the European Sleep Research Society, Seville, Spain

Dear colleagues, friends and ESRS participants!

It is our pleasure and privilege to invite you to attend the 25th Congress of the European Sleep Research Society, which will be held in Seville, Spain from 22 – 25 September 2020.

The European Sleep Research Society is an international non-profit organisation whose purpose is to promote research on sleep and related areas, to improve the care for patients with sleep disorders and to facilitate the dissemination of information regarding sleep research and sleep medicine.

The Swiss Society for Sleep Research, Sleep Medicine and Chronobiology (SSSSC) brings together basic science and clinical sleep researchers, chronobiologists and sleep clinicians to promote and stimulate collaboration among them. The Society was founded in 1991 and has currently more than 300 active members. With about 36 members per million inhabitants, Switzerland has one of the highest densities of sleep scientists in Europe.

ESRS 2020 will take place at the FIBES Sevilla Conference & Exhibition Centre.

According to legend, Sevilla was founded by Hercules and its origins are linked with the Tartessian civilisation. It is a dynamic tapestry of eastern and western architecture and culture. For hundreds of years it was the capital of Moorish dynasties with Arab names like the Abbasids, Almoravids and the Almohad. This 2.200 year-old jewel has undergone just as many changes with its culture, as it has with its architecture and even its name.

The historic city centre, lorded over by a colossal Gothic cathedral, is an intoxicating mix of resplendent Mudéjar palaces, baroque churches and winding medieval lanes. Flamenco clubs keep the intimacy and intensity of this centuries-old tradition alive whilst aristocratic mansions recall the city’s past as a showcase Moorish capital and, later, a 16th-century metropolis rich on the back of New World trade.

For all its important monuments and fascinating history, Seville is universally famous for being a joyous town. It is as much about the here and now as the past. It is about eating tapas in a crowded bar or seeing out the end of the day over a drink on a buzzing plaza.  It is the largest town in Southern Spain, the city of Carmen, Don Juan and Figaro.

We hope you will enjoy the meeting and we are looking forward to welcoming you to Seville in 2020!

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